Christmas Treats

First, I need to explain my long absence from my blog.  I got a new job!!! I started in September so I’ve been busy learning the ropes of a completely different career and couldn’t be happier in my work.  But now onto the food portion…


Christmas is probably my 3rd favorite holiday.  My birthday and St. Patrick’s Day are my top favorites, in that respective order.  Some might argue that a birthday is not a holiday, but mine is to me. But one of the many reasons that I love Christmas has to be the Christmas cookies and all of the other holiday treats!  I come by this honestly as my family usually has an equal number of dishes for the meal as we do desserts for after the meal. Here’s proof from Christmas 2015!

Tasty sugar swirl cookies

Last year I also made frosted cut-out Christmas cookies with my little sis from Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Indiana.  They do not look professional or fancy, but they were delicious and we were creative with all the sprinkles and decorations I bought. And I had so much fun making them, that I made a second batch to share with my family over the holiday.

frosted sugar cookies

I’m in the mood to make another cookie this year (the frosted sugar cookies are long gone).  I’m thinking of trying the raspberry rugelach from Bon Appetit Magazine in the December 2018 issue. And maybe an appetizer from my new Tasty cookbook that I bought just 2 days ago (because I can’t stop buying cookbooks!).

And both last Christmas and this Christmas I made food gifts for my family.  Last year, I went all out and made a poultry seasoning from the 100 Days of Real Food Cookbook, vanilla extract, and toffee blondie bars.  This year I made a black bean soup mix as I thought maybe a healthy and easy meal would be nice after our gluttonous holiday feast!

Happy Holidays to all!!!

What are some of your favorite holiday treats?  

What food gifts do you like to make or receive?

Christmas dessert buffet

Last year I made pinwheel cookies based on a Tasty video. And I couldn’t find the link to the written recipe so I had to watch the video like 5 times to write down the ingredients and instructions!  But they turned out much better than I expected, especially for my first try.

frosted sugar cookies

This year, my little sis and I made the frosted sugar cookies again. I think I was more excited about making them than she was!  I used the recipe from the Flour Bakery Cookbook which is one of my favorite places in Boston, and I make it a point to visit it with every trip back to Boston. And here’s a link to the frosting we made. The first batch of frosting took some tweaking of the recipe to get it the correct consistency as it was too thick at first. But the second batch whipped up much easier. The recipe mentioned adding more corn syrup to thin it out, but I added more milk to make it thin enough to stir.

Christmas food gifts