How This All Got Started

Bon Appetit Magazines

I think I’m going to blame Bon Appétit magazine for starting my food obsession.  I started subscribing back in November 2015.  How do I know that?  Because I have saved EVERY issue I’ve ever gotten since then - yes I’m one of those people.  You just never know when you might need a recipe printed two years ago!  But since I subscribe to Eat Your Books, which I wrote about in a previous post, I can search them more easily, and I will have access to the full recipe since I have saved all of my copies.  What I can’t remember is why I started subscribing in the first place.  I’m guessing that they sent me an offer in the mail, and apparently, I couldn’t refuse it.  I know that that is how I ended up with two of my other food magazine subscriptions, Food Network Magazine and then Cook’s Illustrated.  But Bon Appétit, I can’t say for sure.  The reason I keep subscribing is that I’m often introduced to new trends in foods, techniques, and restaurants.  And it makes me feel hip (ha ha!).  

I have also found Bon Appétit's weekly podcast which I usually enjoy listening to on my long commute to work.  They talk to food celebrities, chefs, and restaurateurs.  Or they will nerd out on how to make a particular dish.  And all of their talk about a creamy pot of previously dried beans definitely makes me want to try cooking some on a Sunday rather than just using canned ones.     

I haven’t tried making many of their recipes yet because most of them are a little too outside my current cooking comfort zone.  I find some of them intimidating in technique or skill.  Or they involve foods that I don’t know where to find them in the grocery store, foods I don’t really like, or foods that I’ve never heard of before.  I used to be a really picky eater, and even though I eat so many more foods than I used to (looking at you Brussels sprouts), there are still some things that I still don’t really like or I haven’t wanted to try them yet.  In my next post, I will share with you a few recipes that I did attempt from Bon Appétit.


Are there any recipes that you haven’t made yet because they seem too intimidating, but really want to try?

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